I. Library Services

The League of Women Voters of Delta County supports adequate library facilities and services for all citizens of Delta County and is pledged to:

  1. Make improved library services available to everyone in Delta County.
  2. Work for dependable and adequate financing of libraries.
  3. Promote professional administration and well trained staff.

II. School Services

The League of Women Voters of Delta County supports the Delta-Schoolcraft Intermediate School District and is pledged to:

  1. A continuing high school career-tech education program that is geared to the needs of the students and community.  It should be improved by a strong affirmative action program in regard to non-traditional occupations and to eliminate gender bias.
  2. Support the special education program, including additional programs for the gifted student.
  3. Support careful budgeting and financial reporting techniques and close supervision of staff time, plus adequate communication between ISD planning units and other local units of government.
  4. Support the election of ISD board members by popular ballot, by districts according to population – not constituent school districts – plus support of a conflict-of-interest clause.
  5. Support the present geographic structure of ISD’s in the Upper Peninsula.
  6. Support the allocation of services in the following order of priority:
    • Needs of children
    • Existing services in various schools
    • Population of each district

The League of Women Voters of Delta County supports adequate financing to meet the needs of the public school systems in Delta County.  Adequate financing shall be measured by the following standards:

  1. Equal opportunities to learn should be provided for all children.  In addition to basic programming, help for children with special needs should be provided.
  2. Salaries should be adequate to attract and retain qualified personnel.
  3. Buildings should adequately provide for the emotional and physical well-being of all children.

III. Services for Women

The League of Women Voters of Delta County supports those services meeting the needs of women in our community and will support efforts to eliminate inadequacies where they exist.

IV. Domestic Violence Prevention

The League of Women Voters of Delta County supports community services and programs which assist in the prevention of abuse and neglect in the family, and which deal with those involved in violence, neglect and abuse.  Further the LWVDC will support efforts to remedy inadequacies in programs dealing with abuse and neglect. We recognize and support efforts to address these needs:

  1. The need to gather statistics on abuse and neglect in Delta County.
  2. The need to educate people that abuse and neglect exists in Delta County.
    • LWVDC will compile and distribute information on procedures for  reporting abuse and neglect.
    • LWVDC will encourage continuing education for professionals including teachers, law enforcement personnel, social workers, and medical personnel, in recognizing and servicing victims and perpetrators of domestic violence, including investigative techniques and presentation of evidence in court cases, where applicable.
    • LWVDC will encourage the establishment and maintenance of parenting classes in the county.
  3. The LWVDC supports improved communication and collaboration between agencies concerned with protective services and prevention and treatment of abuse.
  4. The LWVDC advocates research and development of programs to be implemented in the schools to teach children how to recognize and deal with inappropriate behavior directed against them and how to  find help.

V. Teen Pregnancy Prevention

The League of Women Voters of Delta County supports community services and programs which assist in the prevention of teenage pregnancy.  Further, the LWVDC will support efforts to improve the development of programs addressing teen pregnancy.  The LWVDC supports:

  1. Assist and strengthen present teenage pregnancy prevention programs and development of additional programs in Delta County.
    • Educate the public that a teen pregnancy problem exists in Delta County, compilation of statistics on the local teen pregnancy rate, and distribution of this, and services available to assist in teen pregnancy prevention.
    • Encourage continuing education for teachers, parents, youth leaders, religious instructors, health professionals, and any other citizens responsible for helping prevent teen pregnancy.
    • Encourage continued use of the Michigan Model for Health for grades K-12 and support its expansion into the high schools.
  2. Encourage the development of programs to foster self-esteem in children and teenagers.
  3. Support improved networking with other organizations on ideas and projects related to teen pregnancy prevention.