Making Democracy Work

Making Democracy Work

The League of Women Voters, a nonpartisan political organization, encourages informed and active participation in government, works to increase understanding of major public policy issues, and influences public policy through education and advocacy.

November 6th General Election Results

The results of statewide races in the General Elections on November 6, 2018 are available at the Michigan Secretary of State website

The 2018 General election results for Delta County from the Delta County webpage

The 2018 General election results for Marquette County from the Marquette County Clerk webpage

Before you vote go to

  • What's on the ballot
  • Who are the candidates
  • Non-partisan
  • Information you can trust

Promote The Vote ~ Ballot Proposal

Promote the Vote is a proposed constitutional amendment to:

  • Make voting more accessible and convenient
  • Ensure that everyone's votes are secure and counted
  • Ensure that everyone's voice is heard

This campaign is a broad coalition striving to make voting more accessible for all Americans and to pass a Voting Rights Amendment to the Michigan Constitution. By making voting more accessible and secure, our democracy will better serve all Americans and our laws will better reflect the will of the people. Everyone - Republicans, Democrats and Independents - deserves to have their vote secure and counted. The League of Women Voters of Michigan is a proud member of this coalition.

Check out the following links for more information on the Promote the Vote Campaign and stay tuned for information on local efforts in Marquette County.

Promote the Vote

League of Women Voters of Michigan

Carl Levin, Former US Senator from Michigan endorses the Promote the Vote Campaign

Video introduction to each of the components of the proposed changes to the Michigan Constitution.

Ballot Proposal presentations in Delta and Marquette Counties

The Statewide Ballot Proposal Education Project was presented at 6 events around Marquette County and 1 event in Delta County. We were invited to present to the Marquette Breakfast Rotary and for the NMU Student Leadership Fellowship and Superior Edge groups. The Ballot Proposal information was shared with over 180 people.

Delta County

  • Escanaba Bay College Ballot Proposal Presentation Escanaba

Marquette County
  • Chocolay Township Hall, Marquette Chocolay Township 10/4

  • Powell Township Hall Powell Township 10/22

  • Lakeview Arena Citizens Forum Room Lakeview Arena, Marquette 10/24 Lakeview Arena, Marquette 10/24

  • Ishpeming City Hall Ishpeming City Hall 10/25

Redistricting in Michigan ~ A Community Presentations Offered

The LWV of Delta County and the Marquette County Unit offer presentations to community groups about Redistricting and Gerrymandering in Michigan.

Creation of the size and shape of congressional election districts through redistricting and gerrymandering is often a confusing process that can significantly impact elections and affect how voters are fairly represented.

The sessions can cover:

  • The requirements and process for drawing of congressional district lines.
  • How the process can be corrupted, impacting elections.
  • Alternatives to Michigan's current method of drawing congressional district maps.
  • Update on effort led by Voters Not Politicians to place the issue of how Michigan establishes congressional districts on the 2018 ballot.
  • A lawsuit filed by the Michigan LWV. The group is suing the Michigan Secretary of State over how the state creates electoral maps.

Session length can be geared to the interest and time availability of the community groups making the request for presentation.

The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan organization that encourages the informed and active participation of citizens in government. LWV does not support or oppose parties or candidates. Locally, the League provides nonpartisan Voter Guides and candidate forums.

For more information about presentations contact Sue Scheeneman in Delta County or Darlene Allen for presentations in Marquette County.

The League of Women Voters of Delta County

The Delta County League was organized in 1951 as the Escanaba League of Women Voters. The name change to Delta County came many years later to be inclusive of the members from the surrounding areas. Throughout the years, the LWVDC member activities have changed in relation to the size of the membership. However, the LWVDC has always kept it's focus on Voter Services. We are respected in our community for non-partisan candidate forums and voter education. Our printed Voter Guides in election years are sought out, and we actively promote the use of Vote411 as an online tool. We do act in coalition with the American Association of University Women (AAUW) and the Delta County Chamber of Commerce to sponsor our candidate forums. We present public programs on timely topics. In the past, we have partnered with the Escanaba Public Library to bring programs to our citizens. At present, we are mentoring the newly formed Marquette Unit, as they strive to become a full-fledged League. In the process of doing that, we hope to re-energize our local membership to reinstate activities, such as the Observer Corp. Our only fund raiser is an Annual Used Book Sale held in early August. Membership meetings are normally held the 3rd Tuesday of each month.

League of Women Voters Organizing in Marquette County!

The League of Women Voters of Delta County, Marquette County Unit is pleased to announce the reestablishment of the league in Marquette County. The League has had a rich and long history in Marquette County. In 1968 a provisional Marquette County League formally organized with 46 charter members. For almost 40 years they thrived and grew with a reported high of 120 members. They provided many voter and education services to the community until they saw membership numbers dwindle and the same small group of women found themselves responsible for the leadership roles. In 2006 with great regret the group disbanded.

The times right for the League to begin its work again in Marquette County. Citizens are craving reliable accurate, fair and impartial information and that's what the League can provide. The League of Women Voters is an historic, respected organization.

As the new Unit's name implies, the "League of Women Voters of Delta County, Marquette County Unit" will be operating under the governance of the Delta County League for a period of time. This will allow the new group to learn more about the mission, policies and practices of the League. The Marquette group is fortunate to have mentors from the Delta County League and former Marquette County League members to provide guidance and leadership as the Marquette group grows.