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Learn more about the new Unit of the LWV in Marquette County

Ballot Proposal Information Sessions

Click here for a complete listing of events in Marquette County (Soon to be added programs in Powell township and Negaunee/Ishpeming!)

Ballot Proposal Presentations

The Statewide Ballot Proposal Education Project was presented at 6 events around Marquette County. We were invited to present to the Marquette Breakfast Rotary and for the NMU Student Leadership Fellowship and Superior Edge groups. The Ballot Proposal information was shared with over 180 people.

Delta County

  • Escanaba Bay College Ballot Proposal Presentation Escanaba

Marquette County
  • Chocolay Township Hall, Marquette Chocolay Township 10/4

  • Powell Township Hall Powell Township 10/22

  • Lakeview Arena Citizens Forum Room Lakeview Arena, Marquette 10/24 Lakeview Arena, Marquette 10/24

  • Ishpeming City Hall Ishpeming City Hall 10/25

Marquette City Commission Candidate Forum - Full Video Recording Available

Northern Michigan University Fall Fest - Welcome Students

LWV Volunteers talked with students at NMU Fall Fest. Registered several students and had some great conversations despite the wind, heat and humidity.

Observer Corps Newsletter Launched - What's happening at your community government meetings?

We currently have 10 LWV members in our Observer Corps, and we are following 11 local governmental entities. Our goals are to provide the LWV and the public with information about their local government and to ensure that local government is aware of public interest and scrutiny regarding their efforts on our behalf. This quarterly newsletter is one of the avenues by which we hope to accomplish our goals. Here, we will provide a calendar of upcoming governmental meetings for the coming quarter, and brief summaries of the highlights of the meetings that we have followed in the previous quarter.

July to September 2018 Newsletter

April to June 2018 Newsletter

Jan to March 2018 Newsletter

Marquette 4th of July Parade

Summer Voter Registration and Education Activities

Marquette Farmers Market

Ishpeming Festival of Treasurers

Promote the Vote

Promote the Vote is a proposed constitutional amendment to:

  • Make voting more accessible and convenient
  • Ensure that everyone's votes are secure and counted
  • Ensure that everyone's voice is heard

Promote the Vote Circulator Training

Circulator Training

Gathering signatures at the March For Science

Sharing information about Promote the Vote

Happy Anniversary!

We recently celebrated the 1st Anniversary of the Marquette County Unit being reestablished. We now have 57 members. Check out this link to see what we have been up to over the 12 months. If any of our projects look interesting to you join our League Unit soon!

Marquette Unit Organizing

The League of Women Voters of Delta County, Marquette County Unit is pleased to announce the reestablishment of the league in Marquette County. The League has had a rich and long history in Marquette County. In 1968 a provisional Marquette County League formally organized with 46 charter members. For almost 40 years they thrived and grew with a reported high of 120 members. They provided many voter and education services to the community until they saw membership numbers dwindle and the same small group of women found themselves responsible for the leadership roles. In 2006 with great regret the group disbanded.

The times right for the League to begin its work again in Marquette County. Citizens are craving reliable accurate, fair and impartial information and that's what the League can provide. The League of Women Voters is an historic, respected organization.

As the new Unit's name implies, the "League of Women Voters of Delta County, Marquette County Unit" will be operating under the governance of the Delta County League for a period of time. This will allow the new group to learn more about the mission, policies and practices of the League. The Marquette group is fortunate to have mentors from the Delta County League and former Marquette County League members to provide guidance and leadership as the Marquette group grows.

To learn more about the Marquette County League's organizing efforts listen to The 8th Day Show on 101.9-Sunny FM as host Todd Pazz interviews Darlene Allen, League Unit Leader.

The 8th Day Interview - Part 1

The 8th Day Interview - Part 2

The 8th Day Interview Sunshine Week, the Observer Corps and League Activities Find us on Facebook

Voter's Guide

The Marquette County Unit would like to bring back the printed voter guide in 2018. Until then you can check out the candidates and the propositions at Read about the candidates for the Michigan 109, Marquette City Commission, Marquette BLP, and the Negaunee City Council. Find out about any propositions on the ballot throughout Marquette County.


Check out our events section to read about our Public Information Meeting, our participation in Fall Fest and our first candidate forum for the November 2017 election for the Marquette City Commission Race.

Click here for events

Just for fun!

A group of League Members gathered to watch the Movie "Iron Jawed Angels". This movie takes a fresh and contemporary look at a pivotal event in American history. Iron Jawed Angels tells the true story of how defiant and brilliant young activists Alice Paul, played by Hilary Swank and Lucy Burns, played by Frances O'Connor took the women's suffrage movement by storm, putting their lives at risk to help American women win the right to vote. We learned about this movie when listening to a podcast from What Would Alice Paul Do Podcast. Check out their podcasts. They are perfect for any LWV aficionado.

Available for loan from the Peter White Library