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Election Activities

Election Activities

Voter Guide

Marquette County residents found this gem tucked into their Mining Journal paper on Saturday morning, October 27th.

A big congratulations to the LWV volunteer team who worked so hard to make this happen. They spent hours learning the data system, they developed questions for the candidates, they figured out how to get in touch with all of the candidates, they worked with the County Clerk to get the accurate ballot proposal language for all of the county wide proposals, they set up a slew of races on and had to figure out what GIS codes applied to each race so that voters could access their own individualized ballots, they did their best to track down candidates by phone, email, etc. to get their responses to the questions. Meanwhile the volunteers met regularly with the Mining Journal to lay out plans for the guide and to figure out what the Mining Journal needed. Once all of the information was in the system the volunteers figured out how to get what the Mining Journal wanted in the computer file format that they wanted in. Without their work our local races and ballot proposals would not have been on the system and this guide would not have been in the Mining Journal Saturday morning papers. They figured it all out and made election information available for the entire county and beyond!

Ballot Proposal Presentations

The Statewide Ballot Proposal Education Project was presented at 6 events around Marquette County. We were invited to present to the Marquette Breakfast Rotary and for the NMU Student Leadership Fellowship and Superior Edge groups. The Ballot Proposal information was shared with over 180 people.

Delta County

  • Escanaba Bay College Ballot Proposal Presentation Escanaba

Marquette County
  • Chocolay Township Hall, Marquette Chocolay Township 10/4

  • Powell Township Hall Powell Township 10/22

  • Lakeview Arena Citizens Forum Room Lakeview Arena, Marquette 10/24 Lakeview Arena, Marquette 10/24

  • Ishpeming City Hall Ishpeming City Hall 10/25

Promote the Vote Activities

Promote the Vote is a proposed constitutional amendment to:

  • Make voting more accessible and convenient
  • Ensure that everyone's votes are secure and counted
  • Ensure that everyone's voice is heard

Promote the Vote Circulator Training

Circulator Training

Sharing information about Promote the Vote

Candidate Forums

Marquette City Commissioner Candidates being briefed on Forum protocol and rules The Marquette City Commission Candidate Forum Complete Recording YouTube

Check out this Sunny 101.9 FM Interview on The 8th Day! with host Todd Pazz interviewing Darlene T. Allen, Unit Leader of the Marquette County Unit

Candidate Forums - 2017

Marquette City Commissioners' Candidate Forum

A Candidate Forum for the Marquette City Commission was held on Wednesday, October 18, 2017, 7:00 + 8:30 p.m. at the Marquette City Commission Chambers at the Marquette City Offices, 300 W. Baraga Ave, Marquette. The six candidates running for the three open seats on the Marquette City Commission have been invited: Tom Baldini, Justin Brugman, Peter Frazier, Tony Ghiringhelli, Jermey Ottaway and Fred Stonehouse. The forum was sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Delta County, Marquette County Unit. The forum included opening statements, audience questions and closing statements. The moderator for the evening was League member, Darlene Allen. The public was invited to attend the forum and written audience questions were collected and asked by the moderator during the forum.